Wisco Weekly is an online media property providing news and entertainment about the customer experience. Our podcast publishes worldwide episodes on Tuesday’s for car buyers, and Thursday’s for car sellers. Native to our site, we have “locally-grown” episodes where we support local businesses. Wisco Weekly started in November 2017 and is property of Wisco Agency, LLC.

Dennis Wisco, Host and Creator

Dennis, or better known as “Wisco,” has always been a scrappy fighter who does not operate linearly, but rather likes to gather existing resources and pave new roads. Ironically, his varied work experiences present uniform thoughts on business and customer relationships. And for Wisco, it’s the relationships that matter most.

He and his wife, Lucie Wisco, enjoy traveling to learn about history, and often visit the “eastern-bloc” country, Czech Republic.

Kelly Cruz, Co-Host

Kelly…once…was in…a music video.

That moment was a turning point in her career. She pondered if she should chase her dream of being a country music video model or become a successful estate planning attorney. Let’s just say she passed the Marshmallow test, and lives like a rockstar!

She loves spending time with her family. Her husband, Jason Cruz, and their two kids, Landon and Ellie, are the apple of her eye. Although, tempt her with a game of poker, and she’ll make you eat out of the palm of her hand.

Wisco Weekly Media Team

Nashville, Producer & Audio Engineer

Jarryd, IT

Luke, BLU Digital Marketing

Lucie, BLU Digital Marketing