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The Most Important Customer Data Points (feat. Marco Schnabl, Napoleon Rumteen)

Thursday, Apr 19, 2018 — Data is widely available these days, and it’s becoming a race to crunch numbers to predict the likelihood of a buyer. Though when you have pole position and some swagger, then data domination is only one lap away. automotiveMastermind is that lead car, and two of their drivers, Marco and Napoleon, are steering towards victory. (Read More)

automotive mastermind, marco schnabl, napoleon rumteen, predictive analytics, behavior analytics, machine learning, big data

An Amenity that Mirrors a World Famous Franchise (feat. Jim Decater)

Thursday, Apr 12, 2018 — Continuing with the theme of the ‘dealership of the future,’ service will no longer just be about a revenue-generating department. One where customers come and go when they need the dealer. Instead, service will be defined with the levels of amenities offered by a dealership.  A car rental program is as old as time, but to how this complements the customer experience needs to be re-evaluated. (Read More)

jim decater, dealer car rentals, turo, hertz, zipcar

The Dealership of the Future According to a VC (feat. Chase Fraser)

Thursday, Apr 5, 2018 — The car business, or better yet “automotive retail,” has been and will continue to see disruption in the way that customers interact with a dealership to buy and service their cars. And in any industry, if you follow the money, you can begin to hedge your operation with a keen and practical eye on how to stay relevant, competitive, and profitable in the future. (Read More)

fraser mccombs capital, autonomous vehicles, dealership of the future

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Thurs, Apr 26: Craig Sims, Equifax Automotive

Season II

The theme for Season II is “lacking ideas” and Dennis explores better ways customers are buying cars and dealers are selling cars.

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Season I

In the Pilot season, Dennis shared real-life customer buying scenarios and discussed dealer issues from his interactions with franchise and independent dealers.

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