Wisco Weekly Media Team

Executive Producer & Host

Dennis Wisco

Dennis Wisco is as passionate as he is knowledgeable about present and future trends in the world of mobility. That is no surprise when you consider the non-traditional route taken by this native of Orange County, California, who is also the co-founder of UC Irvine’s “Rip’em’ Eaters” school tradition. The innovative path that Dennis has explored started with college athletics, continued through the automotive world, and led him to explore the future of mobility.

Dennis studied Economics at the University of California, Irvine. Early in his career, Dennis served as Director of Annual Giving in the UC Irvine athletic department. His experience there formed the foundation of his consultative approach to automotive sales. That, in turn, sparked the debut of Wisco Weekly, a podcast originally focused on helpful tips about buying and selling vehicles. Wisco Weekly has more recently evolved into a business podcast that examines the future of automobiles and mobility.

“Once Wisco Weekly was up and running, people started calling me to provide guidance and insight, not just to buy or sell their cars,” Dennis recalls. “As the audience grew and I became a trusted, unbiased source, I expanded the show to include interviews about the future of the automobile and transportation mobility.”

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Kelly Cruz

Kelly Cruz is an attorney based in Orange County, California. As a Partner and Director in Strategic Planning for the nation’s leading independent wealth management firm, Cruz focuses her work on comprehensive estate planning for high net worth individuals and families.

Her work includes traditional trusts and wills, sophisticated wealth transfer techniques, business succession planning, valuation issues pertaining to wealth transfer planning, and federal gift tax returns.

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