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You are invited to our inaugural live recording session

Wednesday, April 22 | 8:30am PST

Admission: $25 | Introductory Offer*: $12

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Our inaugural live podcast recording focuses on how to think through problems that small businesses are facing during COVID-19. We will be featuring Erez Tsalik, Senior Facilitator at SIT – Systematic Inventive Thinking.

Erez is a global speaker and international expert on innovation strategy. Disney, Airtel, Siemens, Bayer, and McCann are some of the big names that trust Erez and SIT. Additionally, he lectures as a lead presenter at academic institutions including Columbia University, London Business School, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Tel Aviv University. What’s more, he gave a riveting TEDxKlagenfurt Talk on the “advantage of thinking inside the box.”

Max capacity to attend this live podcast recording is 100 attendees.

*Our introductory offer includes a copy of the recording AND locks in this admission price for all future recordings in 2020.

What will be covered?

During this live recording, host Dennis Wisco will lead the discussion on solving these current problems:

1. Should small businesses take Federal loan or grant money to keep afloat or consider other alternatives?
2. A cost benefit analysis of hiring your ex-employees back or learning to automate.
3. Re-locate your existing supply chain, find a new supplier, re-tool existing one.
4. Are you the Founder and don’t have the endurance to fight this economic crisis until the end?

If you are stuck in analysis paralysis, you should attend this live recording.
If you want to bring forth innovative ideas to your colleagues, you should attend this live recording.
If you want to make yourself more marketable, you should attend this live recording.


1. Do I need to have my video on?
All attendees will have their cameras off and their mics muted. Only until the Q&A will you be able to turn on your camera and/or mic.

2. Will I be able to receive a copy of the recording?
Yes. You will get an email within 1 week to access the recording.

3. I am currently unemployed and need to be prudent of spending money. Can you still help?
Yes. We don't want money to be an issue for you. Please contact us directly and we'll take care of you.