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Market EyeQ by Mastermind is the automotive industry’s first-ever sales platform that gives your dealership the power to target and communicate with every potential buyer in your market - all from one tool. Exclusive data through our partnership with IHS Markit provides you visibility to your entire local market so you don’t miss sales opportunities in your loyalty, service drive, or conquest efforts. Founded in 2012, automotiveMastermind®, a business unit of IHS Markit (NYSE: INFO), is a leading provider of predictive analytics and marketing automation solutions for the automotive industry. Market EyeQ by Mastermind is the single sales platform to identify, communicate with, and close every buyer in a local market.

Mini Series

Predicting the Next Paycheck

October 29, 2021

Predicting the Next Paycheck is a three-part podcast mini series assessing the behaviors of Car Dealers and their data-inspired decisions.

Featured Episodes

How Managers Become Leaders

October 23, 2019

There’s never a bad time to learn about leadership, and it’s never too late to begin leading. In committing to lead others or an organization, one must first study leadership. In episode #99, Andrew Rains, the Chief Commercial Officer of automotiveMastermind, breaks down how managers become leaders by studying leaders.

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Why Enthusiasts Are the Defenders of Land Rover's Future

September 13, 2019

A few months ago, CNBC did a piece on Jaguar Land Rover stating how the automaker faces an uncertain future. Since August 2016, parent company Tata Motors has been experiencing a declining stock price. Yet, if there is a silver lining, it is to be found in the North American market.

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Relatability, Credibility, Honesty

August 21, 2019

The application of data in the automotive retail environment becomes exponentially beneficial when sales professionals can speak to the motivations of a customer buying or servicing a car. The journey of our guest, Steve DeWitt, from dealer executive to now working at the leading automotive company for predictive analytics, automotiveMastermind, shares some valuable insight into how automotive retailers can better talk to customers. And spoiler alert, his insight on delivering a better customer experience was derived when he was a dealer executive being pitched by vendors. Now, the tables are turned. Tune in to episode #89 to hear how automotive retailers can better present themselves to customers.

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How Automotive Retailers Proactively Target Car Buyers

April 3, 2019

Today’s car buyer is more educated than ever about car options and the buying experience. Automotive retailers need to meet or exceed the expectations of this new buyer by critically analyzing data and drawing the best conclusions out of it.

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The Most Important Customer Data Points

April 19, 2018

Data is widely available these days, and it’s becoming a race to crunch numbers to predict the likelihood of a buyer. Though when you have pole position and some swagger, then data domination is only one lap away. automotiveMastermind is that lead car, and two of their drivers, Marco and Napoleon, are steering towards victory.

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