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A Global Perspective on Connected Vehicles (feat. Scott McCormick, CVTA)

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The widespread adoption of connected vehicles needs global input and contributions. One of these thought leaders paying it forward is Scott McCormick, who serves as the President of the Connected Vehicle Trade Association (CVTA). In his role, Scott travels the world to speak at industry conferences and even hosts his own connected vehicle conference in Detroit, Michigan. He is constantly surrounded by the biggest players in the automotive, technology, and transportation space. In this episode, Scott divulges insider information on his discussions with some of the top companies and politicians who are forging ideas and debating issues to bring about a connected vehicle future.

The Department of Transportation has released their third edition of guidelines for an autonomous vehicle future. To view this guide, please click here.

DOT is accepting comments through December 3, 2018. To contribute comments online, please click here.

Featured guest:
Scott McCormick  
Connected Vehicle Trade Association


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