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An Intrapreneur Leading a Transportation Startup feat. Sven Hackmann

An intrapreneur can capture the creativity and excitement of an entrepreneur, and have more access to resources and less exposure to risk. In this conversational journey, our guest shares his insights on AI’s impact on the workforce, pivoting strategies as a startup, and the culture and benefits of a German education.

Sven Hackmann serves as CEO of NEXT Future Transportation, a robotics and artificial intelligence company that is developing a modular autonomous electric vehicle fleet, and the supporting operating system to bring its transportation-as-a-service solution to market at scale. Sven is recognized for creating exponential growth initiatives for both public and private companies.

He spent 12 years in various leadership roles with Siemens and was widely recognized as an intrapreneur for supporting the launch of multiple businesses.

Featured Guest:
Sven Hackmann  |  LinkedIn


  • What is NEXT?


  • What’s next for NEXT?

  • “These autonomous pods could replace the world’s buses” – CNBC Video

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