Audible Tour of the LA Auto Show 2018 (feat. Albert Roxas)
Season 4

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The LA Auto Show debuts on November 30 and lasts until December 9th at the LA Convention Center. General admission tickets start at $12, seniors are $10, and children between ages 6-12 are $5. Check out for more details. Also, be sure to follow popular hashtags through social media — #laautoshow #laautoshow2018 #laas2018

Today’s guest is part of a counterculture. They usually wake up early on weekends and leave their wives and children behind so they can play with the boys and their toys. When they visit a dealer, they often test sales staff on their knowledge of the vehicle. When they service their car with a dealer, service advisors better ensure there are no water spots on the car.

Yes, they are automotive enthusiasts, and they are also more than that. Gear heads, grease monkeys, and car junkies. They have gasoline in their blood, and not that weak 91 octane stuff. We’re talking 100 octane racing fuel.

Albert Roxas was born a car nut. In the last 24 years, he has cycled through 23 cars. His first car was a 1992 Honda Civic. After that, 1992 Acura Integra GS-R, then a 1993 Toyota MR-2. Before there was JDM, he was JDM.

He’s toyed with BMW M5s (yes, that’s plural), Porsche 911s (yes, that’s plural), and exotics like an Audi R8, Lamborghini Gallardo, and a BMW i8. But he’s not snobbish. He’s owned a Prius, an FJ Cruiser, and the extinct Scion XB. If it has 4 wheels, a tranny, and a steering wheel, then he’ll upgrade the wheels, blow the tranny, and modify the steering wheel.

Here to share his tour of this year’s LA Auto Show, please welcome my good friend, Mr. Albert Roxas.

Featured Guest:
Albert Roxas
IG: @albertroxas

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