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Automakers vs Dealers (feat. Marcelo Sandoval, Jaguar San Diego)


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Dealerships are a dime a dozen . If you can’t find the deal you are looking for or you don’t like the staff member that you are working with, the next dealer is just a few miles down the road. As a dealer, you must be able to differentiate yourself as much as possible. And differentiation starts at the top.

In this episode, we hear from Center Operator-Manager, Marcel Sandoval from Jaguar San Diego. He shares with us his dealership operation, with particular attention given to the relationship between automakers and dealers. The power struggle between both parties is tense, all of which customers never see.

As automakers continue to develop their methods to transact directly to customers, then dealers must evolve, adapt, and demonstrate that their dealership operation is different and better than their competitors.

And how does Marcelo do this…by searching for purple cows!?!

Featured Guest:
Marcelo Sandoval


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