Automotive Lessons from 2008, NAFTA, Digital Retailing, Subscription as a Service (feat. Lindsay Duffield)
Season 4

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lindsay duffield, jaguar land rover, bmw, canada

Former President of BMW Canada and Jaguar Land Rover Canada, Lindsay Duffield, imparts his knowledge and wisdom in assessing today’s automotive landscape. A myriad of topics were discussed in a powerful one hour recording session:

+ Automotive Lessons from 2008
+ Asian Automakers
+ Millennial Buyers
+ Autonomous Vehicles
+ Electric Vehicles
+ Technology Laggards
+ Automaker-Vendor Relationships
+ Finance & Insurance Process
+ Digital Retail
+ JD Power IQS
+ Subscription as a Service
+ Career Advice

Featured Guest:
Lindsay Duffield  

Support one of Lindsay’s causes to help the homeless. Visit his ‘Lindsay’s Hockey Helps the Homeless 2018‘ page for more info and to donate.

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