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Calling Sentiment A New Data Model feat. Anthony Giagnacovo, Steve Laureys

It is often said that the best sales professionals listen more than they talk. And whether you would like to admit this or not, we all are some version of a sales professional. We may be selling a customer a product, selling our boss an idea, or even selling our spouse on a holiday vacation. In order to get better at selling, then you must practice listening.

Call tracking is not a new technological advancement, but it does carry many practical purposes. When customers call into a business, their phone call is logged and recorded. The recording may be used for internal training purposes, for instance, to practice listening to yourself. Or the recording may be used as evidence for a dispute.

One area of call tracking that has evolved is the ability to gauge sentiment. Sentiment is not a linear metric. It is not voice + length of call + keywords = sentiment. Rather, you must combine a variety of data points to create a new model that would yield in the ability to measure the sentiment of a caller.

Here is another sales adage: It’s not what you say. It’s how you say it.

On today’s episode, we feature Anthony Giagnacovo, CEO of CallRevu, and Steve Laureys, Senior Director of Sales of CallRevu. Together, they are pioneering how calls are measured through a new metric of sentiment. As phone calls are tracked and machines are trained to identify ‘how you say it,’ then businesses can listen better to their customer’s needs. And when you use data to optimize the customer journey, then you are also delivering a customer experience.

Featured Guests:
Anthony Giagnacovo
CallRevu  | LinkedIn

Steve Laureys
CallRevu  |  LinkedIn

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