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Colorado's Connected Car Economy (feat. Amy Ford, Colorado Dept of Transportation)


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The future of transportation is when cars are connected to cars, cars are connected to infrastructure, traffic is negligible, and customers happily pay to keep this ecosystem going. This utopia can be broken down into smaller operations, and as such, we turn to the state of Colorado for some guidance on the economics of their connected car culture.

As the Chief of Advanced Mobility for the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), my guest is responsible for accelerating innovation and technologies that maximize the experience of people, goods, and information moving on Colorado’s transportation system.

She directs program strategy for the Division of Mobility Operations, which exists to improve the safety and efficiency of Colorado’s transportation system, and she directs strategy for the RoadX program, which seeks to partner with the private sector to deploy transformational transportation solutions.

Featured Guest:
Amy Ford  |  LinkedIn
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