Cruise Control: A Convo with Brendan Dolan
Season III

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brendan dolan, automotive enthusiast, automotive professional

There is a trend in the car business where workers did not make the car business their first priority of a career. One may even say that the car business “siren songed that ship right into the rocks.” This metaphor identifies those individuals who have been lured into the business and have begrudgingly come to love it.

Brendan Dolan aspired to become a “top gun” pilot, but discovered the sound of drifting tires was a greater thrill than the sound of jet engines. In this one-on-one interview, Brendan shares how he got started in the business, how he learned and excelled in his profession, and offers sound advice into the future of the car business.

Featured Guest:
Brendan Dolan, VP of Operations of Kar Farm
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