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Design the Car to Fit the Environment (feat. Geoff Wardle, Art Center College of Design)


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Today’s guest is a well known person and personality in the automotive space. He’s given a TEDx talk, co-authored car design books, and has spoken at several different events about car designs, the environment, and transportation mobility.

What I love most about my guest is he literally has experience as a professional vehicle designer across four continents which includes British Leyland, Chrysler UK, International Automotive Design, SAAB, Ford Australia, Tatra, and TVS Motors in India.

He received his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering from the University of Hertfordshire and a Master’s degree in automotive design from the Royal College of Art in London. Currently, he serves as the Executive Director for the Graduate Transportation Systems and Designs at Art Center College of Design.

Here to share how the car should be designed to fit the environment, men, women, and children, please welcome to the show, Mr. Geoff Wardle.

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Graduate Transportation Systems and Design, Art Center College of Design

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