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Do Retailers Even Have a Mobility Problem feat. Russ Lemmer

Do automotive retailers even have a mobility problem? The framing of this question suggests that a problem has been identified, though perhaps under a false pretense. Think back to products and services that tech companies have introduced — Google Glass, Microsoft Zune, or Amazon’s Fire Phone — in an attempt to solve real problems. But what really were the problems these products were solving?

In episode #95, we hear from Russ Lemmer, President and Chief Product Officer of Dealerware, a fully-connected, fully-digital fleet management platform. His knowledge and experience in learning the art of problem framing led to a successful acquisition of Silvercar, a car rental mobility solution which he helped co-found and was acquired by Audi in 2017. His process to uncover business problems entails applying the scientific methodology of identifying the situation, complication, stating a hypothesis, and testing to confirm or disprove the hypothesis. If performed correctly, this rigorous process results in iterations of a product until it actually solves a real problem.

Tune in to learn how Russ and Dealerware have identified the problem of mobility within an automotive retail operation.

Featured Guest:
Russ Lemmer
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