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How Managers Become Leaders feat. Andrew Rains

There’s never a bad time to learn about leadership, and it’s never too late to begin leading. In committing to lead others or an organization, one must first study leadership. In episode #99, Andrew Rains, the Chief Commercial Officer of automotiveMastermind, breaks down how managers become leaders by studying leaders.

Andrew oversees new business, customer retention, account management, and marketing for automotiveMastermind. He is responsible for aligning all departments to achieve the strategic vision of the company as a whole. In addition to the many employees that report to him, he is also responsible for meeting with automotive clients year round. The delicate balance of managing the expectations of all those that seek his guidance and expertise has been harnessed through studying and following the lessons of four great leaders.

Tune in to hear how Andrew draws upon the leadership lessons of:

  • Jim Collins: author, consultant, and lecturer

  • John Maxwell: author, speaker, and pastor

  • Andy Stanley: author, speaker, and pastor

  • Jocko Willink: retired Navy SEAL, podcaster, and author

Featured Guest:
Andrew Rains  |  LinkedIn

White Paper

How Dealership Management Can Become Better Leaders
by automotiveMastermind

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