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How Traveling Puts Customers First feat. Lyamen Savy

Traveling opens the mind and heart to different cultural experiences. You can see history before your eyes when touring the Coliseum in Rome. And you can also witness the economic turmoil in a country like Argentina.

What’s more, in this day and age of social media, you can sit at your desk or in the comfort of your bed and fill your time with nostalgia and escapism, but simply visiting Instagram and Youtube.

Recently, I came across a Youtube channel called ‘Sailing La Vagabone’ where a young Australian couple is circumnavigating the deep blue sea and documenting all of their excursions. While this couple, named Elayna and Riley are young, they speak with such maturity.

In this episode, we hear from millennial founder and CEO, Lyamen Savy of 321 Ignition. Her travels have taken her to 30 different countries and through her eyes, she sees that mobile devices are shaping consumer behavior. In the United States, there are 250 million smart phone users and so it’s easy to infer that their first encounter with your business is through their mobile device. And throughout Lyamen’s travels and surveying different walks of life, she contends that ‘You will never go wrong by putting your customers first” and that starts with their mobile experience.

It should be noted that what underlies the idea of a mobile experience to a millennial is their fear of missing out.

Featured Guest:
Lyamen Savy
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