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Leadership Lessons in Automotive (feat. Mike Cavanaugh, Max Digital)

Today’s guest was literally raised in the car business. He started working in the business with his father at a very young age. Later, he joined the Marine Corp. and was taught the leadership skills needed to succeed in the automotive industry.

Rather than going into detail about my guest, it would be best to hear from his recommendations:

Kurt Jensen, Chairman at Soldier’s Angels, says “Mike is one of those rare people that does this crazy thing called ‘tell the truth’ and lets the chips fall where they may.” Steve Atanasovski writes, “I saw Mike develop into one of the best directors in the company and take a team that was struggling to perform prior to his arrival, to one of the top districts in the company.” Rasheedah Page touts that “he has an all-inclusive approach to leadership that his team members really respect and respond to.” And Cathy Bush, who was Mike’s teacher when he pursued his MBA at Northwood University, raves about him and says, “Mike’s emotional intelligence enabled him to effectively challenge others and himself in exploring a number of business topics. His ability to self-assess and seek feedback helped him to grow as a leader.”

Having received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Northwood University, he currently  serves as the Executive Vice President of Max Digital. Here to share his experiences and best practices on leadership, men, women, and children, please welcome to the show, Mr. Mike Cavanaugh.

Featured Guest:
Mike Cavanaugh  |  LinkedIn

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