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Life in Los Angeles After Congestion Pricing

Los Angeles County will inevitably enact some form of congestion pricing as a way to alleviate traffic, and raise funds for infrastructure. Is the LA transportation eco-system able to handle the advances and backlash of implementing this new business model?

In episode #63, Dennis and Rudy imagine what life is like after congestion pricing is implemented by reverse engineering the existing modes of transportation and the facts of today. Included in this episode are an article from Laura Nelson, the Inrix Traffic survey, and a AAA Your Annual Driving study that all lend sage words for and against congestion pricing. Additionally, Dennis and Rudy draw from their own personal experiences of the different modes of transportation in Los Angeles.

For further reading:
L.A. may charge drivers by the mile by Laura Nelson
Inrix 2017 Global Traffic Scorecard
+ AAA: Ride-hailing twice the cost of car ownership

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