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Micromobility Regulation for Urbanites and Suburbanites feat. Rasheq Zarif

Recording at the LA Convention Center at AutoMobility LA, the Managing Director and Tech Lead of Deloitte’s Future of Mobility, Rasheq Zarif, shares insights into recommended regulations for public and private partnerships. In light of LA Department of Transportation’s fight with Uber’s Jump, micromobility regulations impact not just urban environments like downtown Los Angeles, but also the suburbs.

Prior to joining Deloitte, Rasheq served in a variety of leadership roles at Mercedes Benz for almost 15 years. He has driven future product strategy, technology development, and piloted new technologies. Most recently, he served as the Head of Lab 1886 USA, an incubator for Mercedes Benz based in Silicon Valley. Rasheq has operationalized and scaled innovations around various digital mobility services. He has also been part of leading cultural transformations and establishing partnerships/alliances for the Deloitte.

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