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Wisco Weekly
Past, Present, and Politics of the Las Vegas High Speed Rail (feat. Buck Johns, Inland Energy)

Today’s guest has been labeled a visionary. Be it a power plant in the High Desert of California or installing telephone lines in the Congo, Africa to a contentious high speed rail in Nevada, or using cow manure to produce electricity, my guest brings more than 30 years of grit and tenacity in completing power plants and utility services.

He is a 1964 graduate of the University of Arkansas having obtained his Bachelor in Science’s in Industrial Engineering. Fast forward thirteen years after his graduation, and he was inducted into the engineering hall of fame as their youngest member.

In addition to being a visionary, my guest has also been described as a bulldog in sheep’s clothing, and an eagle scout.

Currently, he serves as the President of Inland Energy, a company focused on development activities for real estate, infrastructure and energy related projects. Here to share greater insight into the Las Vegas high speed rail, please welcome Mr. Buck Johns.

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