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Pre-Politicization of the Road Usage Charge feat. Mariya Frost, Washington Policy Center

Today’s guest is rising star, Mariya Frost. She’s very outspoken when it comes to what would be deemed overreach and overspending of government agencies. Littered throughout the Washington Policy Center website, you can find her articles on transportation issues and policies.

What’s more, she partook in the pilot of the Washington state’s road usage charge project. In this pilot, her driving activity was tracked as a means to test the waters of a mileage tax. The more you drive, the more you pay to the state to fund infrastructure and transit projects. Washington is one of the very few states to pilot this program to understand its potential and application in today’s mobility society.

Currently, she leads the Coles Center for Transportation for the Washington Policy Center. Their mission is to research and analyze best practices for relieving traffic congestion, with a specific focus on highway and transit projects, and how those dollars are spent.


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Mariya Frost
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