Preview to Automobility LA 2018 (feat. Lefty Tsironis, Alexis Evans)
Season 4

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Next week from November 26-29 is Automobility LA, the premier conference for leaders of the new mobility movement. In conjunction with the LA Auto Show, these dual-purpose events bring together automakers, government officials, technocrats, academics, startups, foreign press, automotive retailers, transportation professionals, and the forever critical automotive enthusiasts, gear heads, and futurists.

We have two great guests who work at Automobility LA and the LA Auto Show. Our first guest is a proud fighting Trojan, Lefty Tsironis. As the Director of Experiential Marketing, Lefty leverages the show’s platform to position brands to engage their target audience. As a result, he helped re-brand the LA Auto Show, helped launch the Connected Car Expo, helped form the prestigious event known as Automobility LA, and has introduced several new destinations and experiences for attendees.

His co-worker in crime is a proud fighting Illini, Alexis Evans. Alexis serves as the Director of Communications, and is in charge of the Top Ten Automotive Startup competition, and the hackathon, now dubbed Code Automobility LA.

Together, they are part of the management team who organize Automobility LA and the LA Auto Show.

Featured Guests:
Lefty Tsironis  
Alexis Evans  

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