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Wisco Weekly
Redefining Mobility in a Dealership feat. Sam Baker

The term ‘mobility’ often takes on different definitions depending on the context. According to cities, mobility is associated with the movement of people and goods. Movement of people and goods on scooters or ebikes are defined as micromobility.

In a dealership environment, mobility has been traditionally reserved for disabled persons. Think of a van which has been gutted on the interior for wheelchair access, or where the suspension has been modified in order to bring the van closer to the ground for the installation of a ramp.

In order to understand how mobility is being redefined at a dealership, it is best to take a macro view of the technology platform on real-world applications.

On episode #91, we hear from Sam Baker, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Wunder Mobility. Wunder has a variety of mobility solutions for real-world applications, and understanding how a single technology platform can solve these problems better communicates how the term mobility will be redefined in a dealership.

Featured Guest:
Sam Baker  |  Co-founder, COO of Wunder Mobility
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