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Rent, Drive, Rideshare...All from a Dealer (feat. Brian Allan, Hyrecar)


Hyrecar, Brian Allan, Galpin Motors, Rideshare, Rent

Automotive retailers need to graduate their business model to become transportation solution providers to individuals and companies.

Brian Allan, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships at Hyrecar, is a long-time “car guy” who advocates for the evolution of the automotive retail operation. While change is occurring with the onset of connected and autonomous vehicles, automotive retailers can position themselves to take that first leap and become transportation solution providers, rather than the traditional car dealership. Hyrecar (NASDAQ: HYRE) enables automotive retailers to turn idle assets into money-making opportunities for the ridesharing economy. So in Brian’s world, customers can seek out an automotive retailer to buy, service, rent, and become a rideshare driver all from the same automotive retail operation.

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