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Sacrificial Lamb: Kelly's Car Buying Experience


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Co-host of the Podcast, Kelly Cruz, set out for another car buying journey. Her notoriety on the show is that she is a habitual leaser and shrewd negotiator. Her time as co-host has introduced her to companies and their technologies like Roadster, Autogravity, Dealer Socket, and Automotive Mastermind, to name a few. She’s heard the voices of dealer executives discuss how their operation align with the customer experience. And she, like most other working mothers, wants viable solutions to vehicle and infrastructure safety for her children through connected mobility. BUT…she still likes material possessions, and in this case, she likes buying, driving and riding in nice cars.

December is always a big month for automotive retailers, and the automotive industry as a whole, as many car buyers want to buy that shiny new toy to show off, or just spend that extra Christmas bonus on something new (clinically, they call it “retail therapy”).  If you are in the market for a car this month, tune into this episode to hear:

  • Automotive buying programs like Costco
  • The 3 options available when leasing a car
  • Top 4 tips on visiting a dealer
  • How to handle a buyer like Kelly
  • A San Francisco caller who loves the flexibility of ride-sharing, but still wants her own car
  • News in automation with Andy Aceman


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