The Dealership of the Future According to a VC (feat. Chase Fraser)
Season III

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The car business, or better yet “automotive retail,” has been and will continue to see disruption in the way that customers interact with a dealership to buy and service their cars. And in any industry, if you follow the money, you can begin to hedge your operation with a keen and practical eye on how to stay relevant, competitive, and profitable in the future.

And as Chase Fraser explains, it’s all in the ability to analyze data in order to optimize the consumer experience.

My guest for this episode is venture capitalist, Chase Fraser, of Fraser McCombs Capital. Investing in new technologies and business models in the automotive space, he and his team of investors of OEMs and dealer groups have put their money where their mouths are as they have invested and are continually looking to invest in areas from dealer services to on-demand services to intelligent vehicle systems to financial technologies and to big data and predictive analytics.

While a geographic location, such as Silicon Valley, weighs into his investment decision-making process, Chase believes the secret sauce is truly the people behind the startup.

To hear the unedited interview with Chase, visit our YouTube channel.

Chase Fraser, Managing Partner
Fraser McCombs Capital

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