The Evolution of Location Data feat. Warren Zenna | Part 2 of 2
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In Part 1, we explored the history of traditional TV advertising. In exchange for watching TV shows, we tacitly agreed to watch commercials  which were paying for the shows we were consuming. However, in this new era of location based ad targeting, advertisers use copious amounts of data, and specifically location data, to understand our general behaviors.

How far is your work commute? What time of the day do you go to the gym? Where do you spend your Sunday afternoon?

Location data can show our routine behaviors and from that, advertisers know better how to send us relevant ads. But it’s more than that. Companies are also profiting from data they are collecting from users that supersede the traditional TV advertising model. This type of data sharing will be immensely more important as we move towards connected cars.

In Part 2, Warren Zenna, President of Americas for Location Sciences, shares more insight into the terminologies that help build a location based ad campaign, and also, points out the fraudulent activities that may occur as a result of bad actors.

Featured Guest:
Warren Zenna

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