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The "Lean" People Mover feat. Newton Montano, Trams International

There is a small minority of individuals out there who are simply looking at existing technologies, existing business models and asking the question, “well, what if we remove some of the waste? Can we still have a viable product? Do we still have product market fit?”

We have our first Lean Six Sigma Black Belt guest on the show.

Newton Montano, or affectionately known as Newt, has been involved with vehicle engineering for the last 30 years. He was involved with the electrification of vehicles before Tesla, and most other automakers.

Currently, he serves as the Vice President and General Manager of Trams International, a company involved with the design, manufacturing, and marketing of the most innovative and advanced trackless people movers. They have over 600 purpose-built vehicles deployed across the world and utilize a wide selection of fuels including gas, propane, diesel, biodiesel, and battery.

Since 2009, Newt has focused on creating more efficient and sustainable modes of transportation that deal with efficient mobility, especially as it relates to first and last mile applications.

Raised in El Salvador, Newt obtained his degree in Industrial Mechanics Technology back in the early 80s. Fast forward 30 years later, and he continues to be a student of the transportation game as he obtained his Lean Six Sigma Black Belt from UCLA in 2016.

Featured Guest:
Newton Montano
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