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The Most Important Customer Data Points (feat. Marco Schnabl, Napoleon Rumteen)

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Data is widely available these days, and it’s becoming a race to crunch numbers to predict the likelihood of a buyer. Though when you have pole position and some swagger, then data domination is only one lap away. automotiveMastermind is that lead car, and two of their drivers, Marco and Napoleon, are steering towards victory.

Recorded in Las Vegas at NADA 2018, automotiveMastermind shares why their data and technology is helping dealers predict smarter.  Featured guests — Marco Schnabl (CEO, Co-founder) and Napoleon Rumteen (VP, Dealer Relations) — breakdown use cases and methodologies on why their data truly enhances a dealer operation.

To hear the unedited interview with Marco and Napo, visit our YouTube channel.

Featured Guests:
Marco Schnabl
Napoleon Rumteen

Featured Band:
Wake Up Lucid
“A minor”

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