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“If you bet on yourself and lose, you go home. But if you bet on yourself and win, you take the house!”

As with most endeavors in life, you fail more than you succeed, but when you do succeed, it becomes the best drug-induced experience of a lifetime. With forty episodes into Wisco Weekly, I’ve tweaked and tweaked and modified and modified to reach milestones that strengthen the value that listeners are taking away from this podcast.

With the introduction of season 4, Wisco Weekly has found its mark and is “going long” to influence and impact the customer experience at dealerships through sharing the voices of dealer executives, spotlighting automotive technologies, and inspiring the next best automotive startup. Coming up in what will be a never-ending season, you’ll begin to hear from dealer executives. They will be sharing how their operation aligns with the customer experience. Also, listen to past episodes and you’ll get some insight into technologies that are in place to support a dealership’s operation.

Dealers are entrusting that their processes will give them the slight edge in winning over customers. And when you bet on yourself and win, you win big and take the house!

Stay tuned for all the great guests coming in Season 4 which starts on Wednesday, August 15!

A big thank you to the Wisco Weekly team that helped produced this coming season, including our co-host Kelly Cruz, producer Craig Castos, and designer Wrik Sen.

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Dennis Wisco
Executive Producer & Host

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