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Why Podcasts Are the Future of In-Car Entertainment (feat. Matty Staudt, iHeartRadio)

Today’s guest is Matty Staudt. He serves as the Vice President of Podcast Programming for iHeartRadio, and under his watch, he oversees the content of more podcasts than anyone else in the world.

He’s put in work at some of the biggest companies in media including 10 years at CBS Radio, 3 years with Stitcher, 11 years with his own podcast company, and 7 years with Urban Knights Radio, the campus radio station of the Academy of Art University. Not to be outdone, he even scored a gig to be the voiceover artist of Matti, the reporter in the Pixar movie Cars.

But his true passion is helping others get into and grow in the field of podcasting.

He obtained his Bachelor’s in Creative Writing from West Virginia University and his Master’s degree in Communications from Southern New Hampshire University. Here to share insight onto the future of in-car entertainment, please welcome Mr. Matty Staudt.

Featured Guest:
Matty Staudt, Vice President of Podcast Programming, iHeartRadio
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