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CoMotion MIAMI Media Partnership

Aliso Viejo, CA – Wisco Weekly is ecstatic to announce a new partnership with CoMotion MIAMI, an event and media platform focused on new and emerging mobility. Both companies are dedicated to optimizing the consumer experience and share the idea that collaboration between parties is the only way to solve today’s mobility problems.

“CoMotion MIAMI is excited to welcome Wisco Weekly as a Media Partner. Wisco Weekly brings together mobility’s top thinkers and leaders, just as we do at our events, sharing their insights and analysis with a world eager to see where the future of mobility is headed. CoMotion and Wisco Weekly share a common goal – accelerating the future of mobility. By working to bring the ideas shared at CoMotion’s events to Wisco Weekly’s audience of mobility movers & shakers, we can help speed the transition to new forms of mobility,” says CoMotion Director of Marketing & Media, Jonah Bliss.

CoMotion Inc is a global networking platform for innovators in transportation, technology, and urban policymakers to share ideas to shape mobility plans for the future. CoMotion Inc organizes conferences like CoMotion LA and CoMotion MIAMI and publishes the latest news, insights, and analysis of hot topics in the industry on their website. On April 2nd and 3rd, 2020, the biggest names in automobility from across the Americas will convene at CoMotion MIAMI in the Wynwood Art District of Miami to forge connections between Florida’s high-tech economy and Latin America’s innovative urbanism to design the future of urban mobility. This year’s conference topics include hot mobility themes like the impact of autonomy and electric mobility on large real estate developments, micromobility, the resilience of transit systems in the face of climate change, and much more.

“I’ve attended quite a few automotive and mobility events over the last three years, and the 2019 CoMotion LA event was in a league of their own. Our shared and strong interest in elevating the conversations between public and private sector individuals is of great importance, and I’m very excited to be media partners going into this Miami event and for the rest of 2020,” says Wisco Weekly host and founder, Dennis Wisco.

Wisco Weekly is an automotive and mobility podcast show exploring the new business models for the mobility of people and goods. Founder / Host, Dennis Wisco, and Producer / CoHost, Kelly Cruz, lead an entourage of guests and engage in a variety of solutions and policies that surround the biggest challenges in this mobility revolution.

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To learn more about CoMotion MIAMI, visit here.