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Thought Leadership Summits

After 15 years as an exclusive, in-person event providing senior executives true peer interactions, the Automotive CX Summit Series has been reinvented for 2020 as an exclusive, interactive virtual event! Each half day agenda will continue to provide high-impact content and true peer networking opportunities. In addition to compelling content from industry thought leaders, TLS has developed the unique ability for our delegates to participate in group and individual networking activities with speakers, fellow delegates, and sponsor executives. In order to provide the same exclusivity of the traditional in-person Summits, TLS will limit attendance to the virtual Summits ensuring a high quality, high value experience.

Featured Episodes

Low Frequency, Big Transactions - Not Ideal For Data Science

October 9, 2019

Topics discussed include driver's privacy protection act, slow vs fast data, marketing strategy, sense and respond, and low frequency transaction.

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The Business of Trust

October 16, 2019

Who can you trust when buying a car? This is a very complex question. Certainly, the easy answer, the one that speaks to our monkey brain, is to seek the counsel of your parents. After all, if they kept you alive for the last 18 years, they have some credibility of knowing what’s right, and therefore you trust them implicitly.

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Leadership Lessons in Automotive

March 13, 2019

Today’s guest was literally raised in the car business. He started working in the business with his father at a very young age. Later, he joined the Marine Corp. and was taught the leadership skills needed to succeed in the automotive industry.

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